Dragons Den

It’s that time of year again, the new series of Dragons’ Den begins on BBC2 this Sunday at 8.00pm. For anyone unfamiliar (there can’t be many), Dragons’ Den is a unique format that allows inventors and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of wealthy investors.

As fans of the show will know, gaining investment is not easy. The Dragons will ask and probe about every last detail until they are satisfied it is a worthy investment. If they haven’t done their homework they will be subjected to a thorough grilling, which is always fun to watch!

The ideas put forward vary from new business concepts to phone apps and innovative new products. These new product ideas are the ones we find most interesting at Duku as very few programs feature new inventions and it’s fascinating to see what people have come up with.

At Duku we can provide clients with all the help they need to go from an initial idea, right through to standing in front of the Dragons with a fully developed product.

So how is it done?
Well it’s a process many won’t be familiar with, the program itself doesn’t feature the work these entrepreneurs have put in to reach the point they’ve got to, however almost all will have used professional design companies such as ourselves, in order to develop and prototype their ideas. All ideas start with an initial spark of inspiration and that’s all we need to get started. We take the idea and combine it with our experience and expertise to turn it into a design that is feasible and fits the brief.

Depending on the type of product, we will then create a virtual model using state of the art CAD (computer aided design) software. This three-dimensional computer software enables us to visualise and develop the design into something that can be made. Using the 3D model, we can create accurate prototypes which test the design and make sure everything works as it should. It is often these prototypes that feature on Dragons’ Den as they enable the inventors to present a fully working, realistic model which is by far the best way to sell the idea.

At that point there are two options; sell the idea or manufacture it yourself. The program features people who are looking to do both options. Some would like to sell the idea to a Dragon (usually in the form a design patent). Others are looking for them to invest so that they can manufacture the product and help pay for the set-up, manufacturing and promotional costs.

Duku helps people whichever route they wish to take and offer advice, expertise and services to ensure a successful project.

So have you got an idea?
We speak to people every day that have had an idea and want to do something with it. You may be thinking someone’s thought of it before, or it will cost a lot of money to develop. Well why not contact us today, we will give you a free, honest opinion. We can help you find out if it has been done before by offering professional patent searches and will give you a free quote to develop the project before you commit to anything. Everything we discuss is kept 100% confidential whether you decide to work with us or not and who knows, maybe that idea you’ve had could be the next big thing!

Contact Duku today and you could be in front of the Dragons this time next year!

Click here to fill in our enquiry form and we’ll send you our free info pack and idea submission form.


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